Beauty restored: Belladonna of Sadness review

There are two starting points when considering Belladonna of Sadness: it’s an ‘adult’ animated film, and it’s a wild psychedelic head trip.

Strangers in a strange land: Midsommar review

It’s a cliché that a good horror movie leaves us afraid of the dark, but what if the sun never goes down?

Still revolving: the Sixties on display

Melbourne Museum’s Revolution: Records and Rebels exhibit is both an in-depth exploration and a nostalgic celebration of the late Sixties.

Personal essays

Between truth and magic

How does one go about becoming something that they don’t believe in?

Bowie, the prettiest star

Two days before David Bowie’s death, he released a final version of himself for the world to interpret.

Creative non-fiction

The Cottage

It’s fifteen days shy of twenty years since Liss and I met, and she’s finally made me the psychedelic shirt I’ve been asking for.

Feature articles

The history behind science’s psychedelic renaissance

Fifty years on from the hippie counterculture, we’re seeing a revival of scientific interest in psychedelic drugs.


Roky Erickson: soaring angelic

While the history of rock music is filled with tales of tragic figures, Roky Erickson belongs to a specific variety – the acid casualty.

Exterior of Sprinkles

The sweet side of life

Growing up in a milk bar gave the Assaad brothers a love of lollies and chocolates, and a vision that one day they might open their own shop.

Blog posts

Folk horror: landscapes, folklore and the past catching up with us

I’m interested in how we got away from the past, and how the past still might catch us. I’m interested in history’s ghosts.

Diving deep into Radiohead’s pool

Within a week there was a whole new album, A Moon Shaped Pool. And there I was, lying in bed at five in the morning with headphones on, listening to it as soon as I could.