I’m Matt Hicks, a freelance writer and editor with a fascination for the weird edges of culture, past and present.

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I pride myself on writing thoughtful, compelling content that engages readers. From reviews to feature articles to creative non-fiction, I work to find the right balance between the informative and the entertaining, drawing readers in to subjects from the everyday to the unusual.

I’m highly capable in both copy editing and developmental editing, assisting authors to make their writing clear and cohesive for the intended audience and purpose. I’m also informed and proficient at working on the Web, with experience using various social media and design tools.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, whether in regard to writing or editing projects, potential collaboration or anything else, you can contact me here.

I write about film, TV and music, about the occult, psychedelia and superstition – I’m interested in those thrilling moments when popular arts and alternative lifestyles meet. Whether a topic is in the mainstream or on the fringes, I’m driven to explore and share, offering a distinct, often irreverent perspective.

I’m a dad to five kids and married to a wonderfully talented graphic designer-artist-photographer. In my spare time I enjoy listening to old psychedelic rock records, introducing my kids to classic films, and following the mighty Brisbane Lions. I’m also working on becoming a wizard, which you can read more about at wizardbutcasual.com.

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